Smart Electronic Labels could reduce losses in times like El Buen Fin

Smart Electronic Labels could reduce losses in times like El
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The Smart Labels (in English Electronic Shelf Label, ESL) are becoming more and more popular Worldwide; Although its adoption has been greater in Europe, Asia and USAin countries of Latin America as Mexico efforts are already beginning to be seen to adopt these technologies.

The report "Electronic Shelf Labels Market by Product Type - Global Forecast to 2028", prepared by Markets and Markets, highlights that the global market for electronic shelf labels will reach 2.8 billion of USD in 2028 from 1.5 billion of USD in 2023.

This thanks to a trend growing of the automation in stores retailthe ability of ESLs to facilitate the reduction of work efforts, and the high demand for optimization pricing by retailers.

He study He also points out that with the rapid development of internet of things and their inclusion in the sector, more than 79% of sellers in North America are investing in electronic tags and other smart devices, while 72% of these sellers plan to reinvent the management of their logistics chain adopting the labels.

For Rodrigo EscamillaDirector of Vertical Solutions at Dahua Technology, the use of Smart Labels, in high demand times As the Good end or year-end sales, you could reduce economic losses to storesdue to poor labeling, human error, and even the time saved by doing it manually.

"In many retail chains that we have visited, we realized that sometimes they use part of the staff on duty to do re-labeling during the course of the day, leaving fewer assistants to attend to the public or clarify doubts. If we see high temporalities demand such as El Buen Fin, where offers can also change from one moment to the next to make the competition more attractive, a manual re-labeling could mean loss of competitiveness, and human error, economic losses, which is also already supported by I PROFESSION that must be respected," Escamilla explained.

In accordance with PROFESSIONin 2022 one of the main causes of complaint by consumerswas the failure to comply with offers or promotions, and the lack of respect for price announced. Among the products with the most complaints are computer equipment, clothes and shoes, cell phones. The entities where the greatest reports were generated were City of Mexico, Mexico state and Jalisco.

Alluding to the above, Dahua has carried out exhaustive monitoring of the problem and has designed a solution specifically for counteract these errors in the market. ESL not only counteracts the margin of error in the labelledbut it helps to better display of the prices since various texts can be included such as product details, available stock, etc. Likewise, it allows retailers to update the price and product details of wirelesslyand helps reduce paper, being a more environmentally friendly solution.


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