Slap in the face of career diplomats in the 4T

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Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has shown that scientists are not to his liking, nor are journalists, they must be added to career diplomats, who received a tremendous slap in the face with the announcement of the new representatives of Mexico abroad.

The three most important diplomatic representations of Mexico abroad are headed by politicians from the presidential cabinet, such as Esteban Moctezuma in the United States; Blanca Elena Jiménez Cisneros, France and Josefa González Blanco Ortíz-Mena in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. All three without any diplomatic experience.

President López Obrador has just appointed 15 new ambassadors and consuls, of which 7 have not had any relationship with the diplomatic service, two of them former PRI governors, Claudia Pavlovich from Sonora and Carlos Miguel Aysa from Campeche in the Dominican Republic, and only four of those appointed have held the position of ambassador in a nation with which our country has relations.

The placet of the Spanish government is missing for the appointment of another former governor, Quirino Ordaz de Sinaloa, who would go to another of the most important diplomatic offices for the country, also without diplomatic experience. At yesterday's press conference at the National Palace, López Obrador considered that "there is no reason why they should not accept former Governor Quirino."

The three most important Mexican embassies abroad were occupied by career diplomats in the past six-year term and at the beginning of the current one. In the United States, the office of Pennsylvania 1911, was occupied by the ambassador Martha Bácerna; the one at Rue de Longchamp in Paris by the ambassador, Juan Manuel Gómez Robledo and the one at 16 St George Street by Julián Ventura, who left office nine months before the new government arrived and the charge d'affaires of the Embassy.

The new appointments announced this Monday by the Presidency of the Republic fell like a bucket of cold water to career personnel who will have to resign, because there will be more appointments in embassies, for characters from other parties who were docile with López Obrador, especially for governors who leave office this year and hand it over to Morena. We are not the same?

And the chancellor. Fine, thanks.


She meets with governors, has the city with a misleading green epidemiological traffic light, makes up the figures on violence in the country's capital, but the doctor is not campaigning. What if it were… Ricardo Monreal, President of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic, and Adán Augusto López, Secretary of the Interior, have established an effective working relationship, as was demonstrated yesterday when both reviewed the legislative agenda for the next ordinary period of sessions that begin on February 1, 2022. The coordinated work has allowed a perfect relationship between the executive and the legislature... The defense of José Manuel del Río Virgen, presented an appeal for protection so that the Technical Secretary of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic can face his trial in freedom. Del Río Virgen is imprisoned in the Pacho Viejo prison in the State of Veracruz, accused of the murder of René Tovar, who was the candidate of the Citizen Movement for the municipal presidency of Cazones de Herrera.

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