Six Mexican soccer players will leave for Spain to join Sporting de Gijón

The International Sporting Academy already has six members, all of them from Mexico and linked mostly to clubs owned, such as the one from Gijón, by the Orlegi Group, as he has revealed through his social networks Santos Laguna club.

These footballers, all of them between the ages of 17 and 19, are Kevín Picón, Sebastián Valenzuela and Joshua Manchathe three of the Saints, Mauricio Medrano del Atlas and Ángel Contreras and Franco Rossano, del América that will join the rojiblanco project in the middle of next July.

Kevin Picón, Santos Laguna player. Photo: Imago7/ Rafael Vadillo.

These players already work at the Santos Laguna facilities before arriving in Gijón and it was precisely this Mexican club that posted a photo of five of them, Rossano is missing, and all of them dressed in the Sporting shirt.

The International Sporting Academy will have 10 places and will be paid for, so all these young footballers will pay €35,000 euros to continue their progression within Sporting and they will play in one of the linked clubs, either in the youth team, in the subsidiary or in the new Sporting C next season.

This project launched by the Orlegi Group offers its students the sporting and academic facet, all in the environment of the Dizziness School where a residence has been set up where these ten students will live.

At the same time, the coaching staff continues with the negotiations for the departure and arrival of new players for the first team and the first movement that seems to take place is the loan of striker Uros Milovanovic to Beveren of the Belgian Second Division.

The departure seems imminent and in it Sporting could recover the €300,000 euros it invested in the arrival of the Serbian striker, who barely had minutes with either Abelardo or Ramírez, although he did enough prominence in the Copa del Rey in which he started and scored four goals.

Pending remains the future of Cali Izquierdoz who will not return to Mexico and has offers from Argentine soccer; Christian Rivera, Víctor Campuzano and Fran Villalba, all three with a contract but who, in principle, either enter into Miguel Ángel Ramírez's plans or are looking for a way out in the form of a loan or transfer.

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