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Some six European countries called this Saturday for what they called "the cessation of all unilateral actions and incitement to violence in the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis", after the recent violent escalation at the behest of the government of right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the occupied territories.


Israeli forces wound two Palestinians in the West Bank

According to the joint communiqué of France, Germany, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom and Spain, the Israeli government must reverse its new colonization program in the West Bank with the decision to advance in the construction of more than 7,000 settlements."

In the text, these countries reaffirm, albeit in a very general way, their opposition to "all unilateral measures that compromise the two-State solution, including the progression of colonization, which is illegal under international law."

In this sense, they show their rejection of "the blind violence of the Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians", as well as the destruction of their homes and property.

According to the statement, "these acts cannot lead anywhere, if not to more violence", for which they demand that their perpetrators be held accountable before the Justice.

They also reaffirmed the need to engage against escalation on the ground, affirmed their willingness to avoid further violence, and agreed to work towards a just and lasting peace.

The six European countries called on the parties to "refrain from derailing this fragile process" and to honor their commitments.

The pronouncement occurred at the same time that the UN asked the Israeli security forces to act in accordance with international standards, after revealing that it has confirmed that 131 Palestinians were killed last year by Israeli soldiers in operations that had nothing to do with acts of violence.

In the same period, nine Israelis and one foreigner were killed in two attacks.

Those deaths occurred "outside the context of hostilities and include 64 people who we understand were not armed, nor were they participating in (violent) attacks or clashes," UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk said.

In general, Israeli forces frequently use lethal means, regardless of the threat level "and sometimes as an initial measure, rather than as a last resort," the high commissioner said at the presentation of his office's report on the consequences of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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