Six dead, including three children, in a stabbing at a Chinese kindergarten | International

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Six people have been killed and one injured this morning in a stabbing attack at a kindergarten in the Chinese town of Hengshan, in the Chinese province of Guangdong (southeast China), according to a statement issued by the Lianjiang Public Security Bureau. Authorities report that the case is currently "under exhaustive investigation." Police have arrested the alleged perpetrator of the crime, a 25-year-old man surnamed Wu, a native of Lianjiang, the city to which Hengshan belongs administratively. The victims are three children, a teacher and two parents, collects AFP, citing a spokeswoman for the local government.

The attack took place on Monday at 07:40 local time (01:40 Spanish peninsular time), and the suspect was arrested 20 minutes later. The police have determined that the crime was an "intentional assault" and have cordoned off the area surrounding the nursery, according to a witness cited by the BBC.

Internet users have not been slow to fill social networks with messages showing their shock at what happened. Violent incidents like this are not common in China, although several knife attacks have taken place in some schools in recent years. In August last year, an armed assailant broke into a kindergarten in the southeastern province of Jiangxi, where he killed three people and injured six others. In April 2021, two children were killed and 16 others injured during a mass stabbing in the Guangxi city of Beiliu, and in October 2018, 14 children were injured in a similar attack at a kindergarten in southwestern Chongqing. from China.

Chinese authorities have been tightening security around schools since 2010, and since that year, the Ministry of Public Security has urged local authorities to “resolutely crack down” on criminal activities to ensure the safety of teachers and students. Following the April 2021 attack, the Ministry of Education also ordered emergency evacuation drills to be held in schools.

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