Sit down! Sit down!

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Francisco Garfias.

The story that follows is taken from CNN: When HMS Birkenhead, a British ship carrying soldiers, began to sink in South African waters in 1852, the captain and military officers on board allowed women and children to board. Lifeboats first.

The captain and many of the soldiers stayed on board the ship to the end and perished in the ocean while the women and children were saved.

From this story comes the tradition that the captain is the last to leave the ship.

When yesterday, at the National Palace, the seismic alarm sounded in the middle of the morning, the president interrupted his speech and was the first to leave the Treasury Room to protect himself.

The reporters and reporters got up to do the same, but a voice ordered them: Sit down! Sit down! They had to wait more than two minutes to be evacuated.

Moral? A reporter is in more danger than a president.


The speech by Lula, a metallurgical worker who became president of Brazil, was one in front of the parliamentary coordinators gathered in the Political Coordination Board of the Senate; and another in the conclave with only legislators from the Coalition Together We Will Make History.

In the Political Coordination Board, attended by the heads of all the benches represented in the Senate, he made a monument to plurality. "Outside of it we cannot build democracy," he asserted.

He even presumed that he had the media against him “but we never persecuted the press. There was significant democratic participation,” she said.

Already in the race, he recalled that in Brazil "many times there was talk of the progressive policies of the PRI and its solidarity with social struggles."

The 76-year-old Brazilian had words of praise for the dark-haired Ricardo Monreal and his ability to handle himself in the plurality of the Senate. Also for the PRI Beatriz Paredes, former ambassador to her country. "It even seemed like the PT (Lula's party) when I was in Brazil," she said.

In the second meeting he was very generous with the president of Mexico. “I think that López Obrador is a gift that this country has received. A man like him is not born every day and even less does he reach the presidency of the Republic.

“You can be sure that it is going to be heavily attacked. Morena will always receive a lot of criticism, attacks. The Mexican elite will not want a social welfare policy.

"There are not many López Obradores, just as there are not many Evos Morales, nor Kirchner in Argentina, just as there were not many Chávez who had defects, but he was a man with a good heart," he assured.

Regarding plurality: Has anyone told you that President López Obrador has not sat down to talk with any president of an opposition party in the 39 months he has been in the National Palace?

That he confuses plurality with a conspiracy against his “transformation” project and that, in his fourth year in office, he continues to attribute the lack of results to past regimes?

Have they told you that not a day goes by without attacks or disqualifications, with name and surname, on prominent journalists who are critical of your government?

Lula spoke for about an hour at the meeting with the Morenos and their hindrances. I keep a phrase that stuck with me: “Poor people are not the problem, they are the solution. We are going to transform the poor into a consumer…”


Finally, the appointment of the former PRI governor in Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, as Mexican ambassador to Spain was approved in Senate committees.

The vote in the United Committees on Foreign Relations and Europe was 21 votes in favor, 3 against and 3 abstentions.

PRI senator Manuel Añorve was one of those who voted against. In doing so, the man from Guerrero said he was sure that there had been "betrayal" by the former governor of his party. The invitation made by AMLO raises suspicion.

I do not think that this appointment is something that is convenient for you, and you could have declined in a dignified manner,” Añorve told him.

Quirino did not speak of the PRI in his turn. Nor about the "pause" that AMLO put in relations with Spain. He just said that he will always be grateful to the one who gave him the opportunity.

His expulsion from the Institutional Revolutionary is automatic by statutory provision. In the same situation is the former governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich, consul in Barcelona; and Carlos Aysa, a man close to wing Moreno, in the Dominican Republic.


The charge Sit down! Sit down! first appeared in The Arsenal.

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