Sistema B calls for collective action in favor of sustainability at Encuentro+B

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Monterrey was the venue for the fifth edition of the Encuentro+B, led by Sistema B, a member organization of a global network that transforms the way in which companies relate to society and the environment, bringing together more than 800 people and 27 countries, with the aim of promoting collective action in the search for solutions to the most urgent socio-environmental problems.

This fifth edition was inaugurated by Martha Herrera, Secretary of Equality and Inclusion, Government of Nuevo León, and Francisco Murray, Executive Director of Sistema B International, who recalled that the business world plays a fundamental role in the impact of strategic decisions that impact global level.

This 2023, the Encuentro+B was possible thanks to great strategic allies such as the Government of Nuevo León-Monterrey, Danone, GERNAU, UDEM, Grupo Davines, Natura, Grupo L'OCCITANE and the TEC of Monterrey, demonstrating that the collaboration between The public and private sectors have a joint commitment to transformation in favor of a new economic model.

"It is the time for action and in Companies B the way to do it is to do it together, so I urge those present to make the Meeting+B a transformation event," highlighted Francisco Murray, Executive Director of Sistema B International .

Furthermore, Javier Herrero, Executive Director of Sistema B México, indicated that this meeting would not be possible without a place that is willing to change, and this is one of the reasons why the city of Monterrey was selected, having UDEM as venue of the event.

To become a B Corp, a few key steps must be followed:

1. Evaluate the social and environmental impact of the company.

2. Adopt legal statutes that reflect the commitment to sustainability and request B certification demonstrating high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

3. Integrate sustainable practices that align with the global business community and its purpose.

During the reflection, Laura Ortíz Montemayor, Founder and General Director, Propósitos SVX México, indicated that the city is not putting life at the center of decisions, but the economy at the center of them, ensuring that "in a healthy economy, "There should be the possibility of having a river where you can live and that is not happening today in Monterrey," and he specified that royal companies must prepare to take advantage of their full potential and evolve.

In Mexico there are around 80 companies with the B Company certification. Encuentro+B seeks to increase this number to promote sustainable practices, energy efficiency, responsible sourcing, the design of eco-friendly products, innovation in packaging and education, that support your approach.

System B launches an urgent call for the acceleration of collective action to drive the creation of positive and sustainable impact, building a future where prosperity is shared and sustainable for all.

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