Sinner wins his third title in Beijing in 2023 | Video

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The Italian Jannik Sinner was proclaimed China Open champion this Wednesday, after beating the Russian Daniil Medvedev for a double 7-6 (2), in two hours and one minute, and got his third title it's from the season.

The first break ball of the duel between number three and seven in the world ranking came in the fifth game in favor of the Russian. It was well defended by Sinner with a direct serve and aggressive climbs to the net which forced Medvedev to defend himself in the background.

With two breaking balls not taken advantage of by the Italian in the eighth exchange, the match reached the 'tie break', clearly dominated by Sinner.

The 15 thousand spectators of the Diamond Arena They looked happy to find such a festive atmosphere again. An event of this type was unthinkable a year ago due to the recent anti-pandemic policies of the Chinese Government.

The local fans became more and more cheering for Sinner against Medvedev. They were impressed by his perseverance in reaching impossible balls, despite waste three breaking balls in the third episode of the second act of the match.

Before the seventh game, three games were witnessed at 40-0, the last two sentenced with direct serves by each player.

Finally, the second sudden death The night came after two hours.

A tiebreaker game that again went to Sinner22 years old: with two crossed forehand blows, he sealed the match to win the match, and in fact his first victory in seven matches against Medvedev.

The transalpine player knows this Wednesday his third title in 2023after the finals of Rotterdam and Miami.

Sinner's next date is Shanghai Masters 1000. He will thus try to surpass Adriano Panattawho since 1976 is the Italian who has reached the highest in the classification, with a fourth place.

(With information from EFE)

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