Sinaloa starts with new Gender Unit and governor delivers patrols

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To strengthen the safety of women and girls of Sinaloa, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, He inaugurated the Gender Unit of the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Protection and delivered 12 patrol cars to this new unit.

The Unit is made up of highly trained policewomen They have tactical equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Rocha Moya highlighted that, with this Police Unit, the work of safeguarding and preventing crimes against women of all ages will be reinforced.

At the event, accompanied by the Secretary of Women María Teresa Guerra Ochoa, the state leader stressed the importance of transparently addressing the challenges and problems of gender violence.

"We cannot be omissive in that, so our task is in the face of these events, not to be careless, we cannot be dissimulated, (...) nor let things return to normal," he said.

The state executive also announced that an initiative will be sent to the Sinaloa Congress to modify the Law on Women's Access to a Life Free of Violence, "so that the aggressors are the ones who have to leave" the family home and thus prevent cases of domestic violence lead to femicides.

And that the victims, he said, “can stay in a safe space under the surveillance of this new gender unit.”

“We are going to reform this law with a single purpose, to put in place the legal indication to proceed in a house where we realize that there is violence by a man against a woman, to remove the man and send him out of the house because feminicide is very difficult. to prevent because it happens at home,” he said.

At the site, Rocha took a moment to pay tribute to two of the three sisters who lost their lives in the events that occurred three days ago in Los Mochis.

For her part, the Secretary of Women María Teresa Guerra Ochoa commented that a continuous effort must be made so that women victims of violence can break the silence and take the courage to report the attacks.

Also present at the event were state officials and the commander of the third Military Region Francisco Leana Ojeda; the commander of the Ninth Military Zone Porfirio Fuentes Vélez, as well as the state coordinator of the National Guard in Sinaloa Fructuoso López.


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