Similarities in videos of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton that could give clues to a special date

For weeks the possibility that there is a romance between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton has been discussed after being seen having dinner, then on a boat in Miami and more recently sharing moments in Spain with other friends.

What could be some clues have been obtained by paparazzi, but more recently the protagonists themselves published some “signals”. Especially Hamilto, well The Formula 1 driver published a video very similar to one that the interpreter of 'Waka Waka' had published days ago.

In the clips of the singer and the athlete the place and the activity coincide that they were doing, something that alerted Internet users who have been aware of everything that could be clues.

What are the videos about?

The first to publish was Shakira, He posted audiovisual material on his Instagram profile in which he could be seen surfing with a black and white board in Miami. As there were no waves in that city, he resorted to artificially created ones.

"If there are no waves, they are made!" wrote 'Shak' on the post showing off his skills on a surfboard.

A week later, Lewis published a video in the sea, surfing artificial waves on a board identical to that of the Colombian.

“Almost summer”, he wrote to accompany the video in which it can be seen that he was having a lot of fun that day.

Users of the camera's social network who have become aware of the "clues" have not hesitated to react to the posts in which comments such as: “Did anyone think of the video that Shakira uploaded two weeks ago?”; "But how nice that Shaki is eating"; “The same surfboard that Shakira surfed the other day”; "Someone already saw the video of Shak and the one of Lewis to compare the tables" and “Just saw the same table on Lewis's profile, what a beautiful coincidence.”

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