Silvia Pinal's health would have been affected after the scandal involving her son Luis Enrique Guzmán | VIDEO

In the midst of the scandal that unleashed Luis Enrique Guzmanson of Silvia Pinal by revealing that Apolo is not his son after taking a DNA test. One of the most affected would be the first actress, who would have seen her health affected by this situation.

It was the controversial TV Azteca show program, "Ventaneando", who made this situation known, after they caught her GP leaving the actress's home late at night.

In recent days, Doña Silvia's assistant had revealed that the producer had not taken this information in the best way about Mayela Laguna's alleged deception about Luis Enrique's paternity with little Apolo.

“Yes, Luis Enrique told her (the news), and this affected her emotionally a lot. She was very sad. They were sad days for her and although she did not express it, she was sad, but hey, guys, I can't tell you more," she told the media, to which she also made it known that this information took all the fans by surprise. members of the dynasty: "No (it was known) this is new for everyone."


Revealed Efigenia Ramos a few days ago before this scandal that was unleashed by Luis Enrique himself. Well, it was he who launched a painful statement in which he announced that Apollo was not his blood.

Now, Pati Chapoy's team sought more information about the health of the protagonist of the film "El Inocente", but they could not interview the doctor, Alejandra Guzmán or her brother Luis Enrique.

And precisely the presence of "La Guzmán" at Doña Silvia's house set off more alarms, since the singer is preparing a special show for one of her most important presentations at the National Auditorium of Mexico.

While the doctor refused to give any type of statement about the state of health in which he found Silvia Pinal, and explained that he was not authorized to speak on the subject, so it was best to get closer to his relatives.

But no one wanted to talk about it, until one day after a new account, his assistant Efigenia Ramos, who spoke with the media and explained how the famous protagonist of the film "Viridiana" is doing.

Ramos was questioned by the Mexican press on the outskirts of the actress's house, about the visit of the doctor Eduardo de Jesús Haro the night before, and revealed that they are only the ailments of age.

“He adjusted his treatment a little more, because sometimes, I think that the body can't take much medicine and says 'that's it.' Last night I was better, just a little down."


At the moment, the former deputy is also at home accompanied by her family, and she has been seen enjoying fun moments with her friends and her children Alejandra Guzmán, Luis Enrique and Sylvia Pasquel.

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