Siboldi considers it 'illogical' to ask for the departure of Jimmy Lozano for losing to Honduras

Siboldi considers it 'illogical' to ask for the departure of
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The Uruguayan Robert Dante Siboldicoach of the champions Tigres UANL, described this Saturday as 'illogical' to ask for the departure of Jaime LozanoMexico coach, only to suffer a 2-0 defeat against Honduras on Friday.

At a press conference, he declared.

With so few games in Jimmy (Lozano's) process, it seems illogical to ask for his departure because that would show that there is no conviction that this coaching staff will lead us to achieve other things. You have to give it trust and time, be patient. The results will come.

Robert Dante Siboldi.

Lozano assumed the Mexico bench last June, when he was appointed on an interim basis in the Gold Cup. After winning the Concacaf tournament, the managers chose him as the permanent one.

In 11 games with Mexico, Jimmy has six wins, three draws and two defeats, including the one against Honduras, in the first leg of the Concacaf Nations League Quarterfinalsa fall that put Mexico's classification at risk Copa América 2024.

Jimmy is still getting to know the players. There are complicated games, with difficult places like Honduras. There is no need to question the coach's continuity at every moment or play.

The Uruguayan strategist regretted that his team stopped competing for three weeks in the Apertura 2023 tournament.

The Tigers played their last game on November 11 and will not be active again in the local championship for two more weeks, when the quarterfinal series will take place, after the FIFA date and the play-off duels. .

It affects us because we are in a good rhythm, there are other teams with important players in rehabilitation that could have been beneficial to them. We would have liked it to be continuous, but we have to adapt and that is why we played these friendly games.

To maintain the pace of competition, the Tigres played a friendly duel this Saturday against the Alebrijes of Oaxaca, whom they beat 3-0; The cats will face this team again this Wednesday.

The coach trusts that in these weeks without official matches it will allow him to recover the Frenchman André Pierre Gignacwho is rehabilitating from a pubic problem.

André has a pubic problem and after studies it was determined that he must undergo rehabilitation to be ready for the quarterfinals. He had pubic surgery, but after a fall he felt that his hip was being compressed and that was when a separation was detected in his pubic bone.

Los Tigres, third in the Apertura 2023 classification, are preparing to face Puebla, sixth in the table, in the Quarterfinals.

(With information from EFE)

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