Shove, the Mexican DJ who was at ground zero

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The Mexican DJ Shove, originally from the State of Mexico, part of the talent programmed by the Nova Festival, organized on Saturday near the Gaza Strip, left the area attacked by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas safe and sound. where the Israeli army reported the discovery of 260 bodies.

This musical meeting, dedicated to the raver counterculture and of the psytrance scenewas scheduled for October 6 and 7 with 32 electronic music producers, among them, the Mexican who is part of the Universo Paralello family, a Brazilian company in charge of promoting the scene for 23 years.

I arrived in Tel Aviv today (yesterday) and I'm fine. I hope to get (a flight) between now and tomorrow and I am just organizing some things for my departure,” she said in a brief chat with Excelsior.

Similarly, The organizers of this massive event, which tried to promote peace between Israel and Palestine, spoke out on social networks with two updates regarding the events that occurred at their event.

We have no reliable information or reliable sources about the incident. Much of the information published by the press is not official. The sources we have (talent and staff) are in shock and protecting themselves from the declared war,” commented the Brazilians.

Without giving an exact number of festival attendees or being certain of who the young people were who purchased tickets for it, the promoters activated a form to provide and share information that helps identify those who disappeared during the Saturday event.

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The show was organized by a local producer from the Tribe of Nova companywho obtained the license from Parallel Universe traveling festival and hired several of his artists to carry it out.

*DJ Shove (left) with a fellow musician, in Mexico City.

The Israeli promoter made her social networks private after the attack and her position is unknown as of press time.

Skazi, an Israeli reference in the psytrance scene, also expressed his position through Instagram.

I'm trying to leave Israel, but there are no flights. Many terrorists have entered Israel to kill and kidnap innocent people, children, women, the elderly. “This is one of the biggest disasters we have experienced since I can remember,” he said.

I just want to ask you to pray for us, to support us, because I can't stop thinking about those children," he shared, visibly worried.

The video that shocked him was that of the small Israeli boy, separated from his family and sister, violated by several Palestinian children and recorded to be shown by a member of Hamas.

* Greta Cervantes, Mexican actress.


Hamas's invasion of Israel impacted Mexicans from various industries.

Another of the compatriots stranded in Israel, the actress Greta Cervanteswho has appeared in The Rose of Guadalupe and The devil between the legs, He narrated from a security room the situation he is experiencing in the midst of the conflict.

They have been super difficult hours. I am safe. Every time we hear sirens or are afraid we go into the security room. All houses in Israel have this room. To pray. I love you,” she said.

The Mexican lives there with her partner, the physiotherapist Yarden Hassid, who cares for athletes. Inside the safe room, he showed, there is an air purifier that is used in case any toxic gas is released, and a window that allows air in but with a safety handle that can only be maneuvered from the inside.

By Jorge Santamaría.

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