Shooting leaves four people injured in Washington, USA | News

The Washington DC Police Department, in the United States (USA), reported this Friday about a shooting between the neighborhoods of Van Ness and Cleveland Park, in an area where there are several educational centers, which has so far left four people wounds.


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Two women, including a 60-year-old who was grazed on the back by the bullets; a man and a 12-year-old girl are the people injured in the shooting.

The entity notified, after 3:40 p.m. (local time), that its forces were responding to the incident, that there was a large police unit deployed in the area and its surroundings.

For his part, Deputy Police Chief Stuart Emerman said that “this is a very early point in our investigation,” insisting that “they are still trying to find the motive or what specifically happened.” Some local media indicated that the author of the act was found dead.

In the vicinity of the scene of the events are the diplomatic headquarters of some nations, including those of Kuwait, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The number of deaths from firearms in the US rises, so far in 2022, to 13,000 people, while mass shootings to 147, according to data presented by the organization Gun Violence Archive.

Likewise, the organization specified that in the last ten months of 2021, more than 17,000 people died during shootings in the US.