Shooting leaves at least eight dead in Haiti | News


At least eight people died in Haiti during a shooting that occurred at the south exit of the capital, according to the president of the Association of Owners and Drivers of Haiti, Mehu Changeux, reported Tuesday.


326 kidnappings reported in Haiti between April and June 2022

According to the headline, a bus was shot at while passing through Martissant, a poor neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, where several armed gangs had sparked a confrontation.

“The injured are being treated at a hospital at the intersection” and at least five citizens are reported in serious condition, he explained.

The Martissant region joins the Haitian capital, to the south, with four national departments, making it part of Haiti’s main communications.

However, it has been taken over by gangs since June 2021 when the wave of violence in the country caused more than 20,000 people to be displaced.

Episodes like these happened last May and December, together with the successive kidnappings that currently mark the country as one of the most dangerous for tourists.

According to the Haitian Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research (Cardh), between April and June of the current year, 326 people were kidnapped on the streets of the country.

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