Shock in football: Ghanaian player Raphael Dwamena died after collapsing in a match

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The world of football is experiencing hours of deep shock after the news of the death of Ghanaian footballer Raphael Dwamena after lose consciousness during the game that his team, KF Egnatia, was playing against Partizani Tirana for the 13th round of the Albanian Super League. The 28-year-old forward, with a past in Levante and Zaragoza in Spain, He collapsed while the game was taking place and, although he was taken to the hospital, he could not be revived..

“The footballer Raphael Dwamena lost consciousness during the match and after the first intervention of the doctors on the field of play, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Despite the immediate intervention of specialist doctors and all subsequent efforts to bring him back to life, unfortunately the footballer died.", reported the Albanian Football Federation in a statement it published on its website. This entity announced that all matches of the day were suspended as a result of this event.

What happened generated great commotion in Spanish football, where the footballer born in Ghana “I had been there between 2018 and 2019.”We are devastated by the sad news of the passing of our former player Raphael Dwamena. We want to send all our love and affection to his family and loved ones. You will always be in the memory of all Zaragoza. Rest in peace," he wrote. Saragossa where Dwamena He managed to play nine games.

“On behalf of Levante, we want to express our most sincere condolences for the death of our former player, Raphael Dwamena. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this difficult time. His legacy at our club will always last.", wrote the I raiseda club that had 15 appearances by the African player.

“The League wishes to convey its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Raphael Dwamena. Rest in peace"shared the official account of the Spanish contest.


The footballer born in 1985 had begun his professional career in Austrian football, and then made the leap to Zurich of Swiss. Although he had a two-season stint in Spanish football, he went through Denmark and then returned to Austria before joining the league Albania. He joined the KF Egnatia during last season.

It even came to add some matches to his country's national team during 2017. That year, Raphael Dwamena He was at the peak of his career and should have gone from FC Zurich to the Brighton & Hove Albion of the Premier League in exchange for USD 15 million. But the signing fell through. “There is something wrong in your heart.”the English club's doctors told him, according to what he himself said in an interview with the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Dwamena He did not pass this medical check-up because he was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmias and had to return to Zurich, where he was tested again and given the green light to play. Upon being transferred to Spainin Zaragoza, the doctors demanded that he have a defibrillator to play and he agreed. Since that moment, he had two falls to the ground due to an electric shock caused by his in Zaragoza and another in Blau-Weiss Linzan Austrian second division team that he joined in 2021. In the end, he distrusted his defibrillator so much that he decided to take it out.

According to the aforementioned article by NZZ, had a long period of inactivity until he began to sign in his contracts that he would assume all the risks of his heart condition. His loved ones advised her to end his career but Raphael Dwamena He didn't want to give up football. He became super religious and continued to be linked to the sport that he was so passionate about.

In said interview, Dwamena He left a phrase that perfectly reflects the life he decided to lead since he had to deal with his heart problems: “I have visited so many doctors. Each one says something different. I respect opinions, diagnoses. But I don't take them seriously, sometimes I have to laugh. Only one person can tell me it's time to stop: the Lord. If I die, that is God's will. So are the things. The people around me will be sad. For a few hours or maybe even a few weeks. But they will get over it and move on, keep working. I don't base my life on pleasing people.. Just goodbye


The Albanian Football Federation expresses its deep shock at the tragedy that occurred today during the match of the 13th week of the Super League, Egnatia-Partizani.

The footballer Raphael Dwamena lost consciousness during the match and after the first intervention of the doctors on the field of play, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Despite the immediate intervention of specialist doctors and all subsequent efforts to bring him back to life, unfortunately the footballer died.

The AFL expresses its deepest condolences to the Dwamena family and the Egnatia club on this great loss and event that has shocked the entire Albanian football community.

The Football Federation announces that all matches scheduled for this weekend in all Albanian football championships will be postponed to a later date.

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