Shock in Florida over an armed attack that left "several dead"

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Shock in Florida over a shooting that left "several dead" (REUTERS)

A armed attack in Jacksonville, Floridaleft this Saturday “several deaths”according to local authorities.

The incident, of which many details have not yet emerged, began around 1:00 p.m. at the intersection of Kings Road and Canal Street, in the east of the city, where a Dollar General brand store is located. As it turned out, the attacker barricaded himself inside the store.

The mayor of the city, Donna Deegan, lamented the episode - which could become a mass shooting- and maintained that "it is unacceptable."

“One shooting is too much but these mass shootings are very difficult to take”, he added while Ju'Coby Pittman, a member of the City Council, said that “the people of this city are suffering and they have every right. This makes no sense. I'm very angry right now."

"I'm tired of seeing all the shootings"he added through tears.

The attacker barricaded himself inside a store (Europa Press)

Jacksonville Police responded immediately to emergency calls and deployed a helicopter to the area. A team from the SWAT division also intervenes.

The area remains cordoned off.

A man who did not reveal his identity commented to the chain news4jax that, moments before the tragedy, he had thought of entering the store. However, when he realized that he had no money, he decided to go to another nearby place. Minutes later he began to hear shots and, leaning out, saw the subject shooting at cars.

As a result of what happened, he continued narrating, passers-by began to run in the opposite direction of the premises.

The state representative of the 13th district, Angie Nixon, appeared at the scene to try to reassure the neighbors and offer their support.

“These are the things that we want to avoid by making sure that our communities are fully resourced, by making sure that we are creating a climate of love and not tension,” he said.

As calm and order is restored to the area, the community approached the intersection to say a prayer for the victims.

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