Sherlyn arouses suspicions of pregnancy after appearing dancing in a sexy dress: “You can see the baby”

After assuring that she is ready to be a mother for the second time and that she would soon be in the hands of specialists, Sherlyn unleashed the rumors of pregnancy within their social networkswhere she appeared dancing in a sexy gold dress that revealed a mysterious belly that, according to her followers, could be due to the fact that she is already expecting a baby.

One of Sherlyn’s plans is to become a mother for the second time, which could happen in the same way that she got pregnant with her son André, through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization; However, she revealed that it will not take long to have her second child in her arms, or at least that is what her Instagram followers assume, where she shared a series of videos with which she woke up suspicions of pregnancy.

And it is that during the recordings of ‘Mira Quien Baila All Stars’, where she participates as a host bringing the details of what happens behind the scenes, the actress and singer takes advantage of her free time to make funny videos or dances that she shares with her followers from different social networks, for which he recently published a series of videos in which he appears dancing the most fun songs “Despechá” by Rosalía and “Dura” by Daddy Yankee.

On this occasion, she appeared before the camera with a tiny golden mirrored dress that made her look spectacular during the semifinal of the Univision dance reality show, but what caught the attention of the vast majority of fans was a mysterious belly that could have left in evidence of her new pregnancy.

This was made known to her in the comments section, where her followers immediately questioned her if she was already pregnant, while some more took it for granted with congratulations and compliments.

“Sherly is pregnant and has been for a while”, “Are you pregnant?? Your tummy is already noticeable“, “Are you pregnant or is it the dress?”, “Is a baby on the way?”, “You look super beautiful”, “Congratulations”, “There you see the baby“, “You look beautiful with that tummy”, “It shows that she is pregnant“, “Baby on board”, were just some messages that the Mexican received.

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