Shein launches clothing collection inspired by the Day of the Dead

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The Day of the Dead in Mexico will be celebrated in a few days and as the date approaches we have seen different businesses launch articles related to this tradition. Shein He did not want to be left behind and made a collection inspired by November 1 and 2.

Through its official website, Shein has announced that you can now purchase the pieces that were launched as part of the collection inspired by the Day of the Dead, ora celebration in which in Mexico we remember our loved ones who “went ahead along the way.”

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Flowers and souvenirs Shein is the name of this collection that is made up of 70 garments that seek to pay tribute to the Day of the Dead using details on the clothing such as flowers, skulls or skulls in black, brown, beige or red tones.

Shein wanted this collection to be very special, that's why that the designers Carolina Valverde, Melissa Avalos of LEYU and Pablo Medinawho is part of the Rituals brand, were in charge of designing the 70 Flores y memorias garments.

The collection, in addition to being inspired by eThe Day of the Dead is also designed for the Fall-Winter 2023 season.. However, you can take advantage of all the garments and use them at any time of the year or at special events such as a party.

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It should be noted that Flores y memorias not only has clothing for women, but they also made shirts and even sweatshirts that men can wear, which are mostly sweatshirts or jackets with skulls and even marigold flowers to give it a very Mexican touch.

The prices of all the garments that are part of the Shein Flowers and Memories collection have a price which ranges from 135 to 800 pesos, so most of the clothes are at a very affordable price and you can wear incredible outfits with these clothes.


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