She is the plus size model of Miss Universe 2023

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There are less than two weeks until the beauty pageant, Miss Universe 2023, and it will soon be known who will be crowned this year's global representative, especially when new categories are integrated. Among them is Jane Garrett, the plus size model of the strife; here we tell you who.

This year, the beauty pageant will integrate new categories of Modelsamong them, the participant plus size from Nepal, Jane Garrett, who is one of the favorites to win the Miss Universe 2023 event.

Jane Garrett, the next Miss Universe plus size?

Jane Garrett, the contestant of Miss Universe 2023 beauty pageant, is originally from Nepala country located between India and Tibet, which is characterized by the enormous mountains of the Himalayas.

The candidate to be the first plus size winner of Miss Universe, she is 22 years old and, in addition to being a beautiful modelhas a career as nurse and businesswoman, which makes her an example to follow.

The competitor has spoken freely about his hormonal problem of polycystic ovary syndromewhich commonly generate irregularities in the menstrual periodsas well as excess hair on parts of the body and weight gain. Therefore, its intention is to normalize this syndrome.

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Plus size model seeks to break with appearances

In addition to cRaise awareness about polycystic ovary syndromethe contestant of miss Universe seeks to be among the finalists of the contest beauty and be the first plus size model to win the event, thus demonstrating that traditional aesthetic canons lost validity a long time ago.

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