Shark Mind Child achieves round business during Bad Bunny concert

Shark Mind: Child achieves round business during Bad Bunny concert

Bad Bunny in the bedroom of the trailer he rents on Airbnb.

Photo: Eric Rojas. / Courtesy

A little boy from Peru took out his shark mind and made a round deal during one of Bad Bunny’s concerts in the South American country.

The concerts of the current Bad Bunny international tour continue to be a great success, packing every place that is presented. Faced with such a crowd of people, some people manage to take advantage of the situation and get extra money.

Such was the case of a small child living in the capital Lima who took advantage of the fact that his house was close to the concert to carry out his own venture and earn some money.

On his TikTok account, the user Said Albarracín shared an anecdote that he experienced during one of the Puerto Rican singer’s presentations: in the middle of the queue, he met a minor who was renting the bathroom in his house.

Knowing that his home is near the National Stadium in Lima, a place that hosted two Bad Bunny shows, the small entrepreneur started his business and rented his bathroom for two soles per person, which would be half a dollar.

In the video, the tiktoker explained that while he was in line to enter Bad Bunny’s show, he noticed that they rented a bathroom for 2 Peruvian soles and it was a little boy who offered the service to the attendees.

Said Albarracín shows in the recording that he went to the bathrooms, guided by the little boy, and to his surprise he discovered that there was a line of people waiting to use the restrooms.

The tiktoker revealed that he spoke to the boy’s parents and they told him that it was his idea. “I spoke with the parents and apparently the idea was the child’s. The man took a percentage for the people he carried, ”he wrote.

They praise entrepreneurship

Dozens of TikTok users praised the creative endeavor of the minor, through comments on the platform.

“Good boy should have collected 3 Lucas (soles). I see him very cheap. If they pay more than 500 soles for the tickets”, wrote a user.

“5 soles was,” wrote another.

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