Shanghai relaxes confinement due to contagion containment | News


The Chinese city of Shanghai on Wednesday allowed four million more residents to leave their homes, while easing some restrictions as authorities reported that the new outbreak of Covid-19 has begun to be contained in some areas of the city.


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In this way, a total of almost 12 of its 25 million residents can leave their homes after the first round of easing measures last week, announced Wu Ganyu, a health official.

At a press conference, he added that the virus was for the first time “under effective control” in some parts of the city.

Shanghai, in eastern China, reported 2,494 new confirmed cases of local transmission and 16,407 asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 on Tuesday, the Municipal Health Commission reported.

On Tuesday, seven deaths from the disease derived from the contagion were reported in Shanghai, the largest city in the Asian country and the most developed financial center in China.

The commission also noted that the spread of the epidemic in communities has been effectively contained. Jinshan and Chongming districts have cut all transmission chains of Covid-19 in the communities.

The number of sub-districts and towns reporting more than 100 new coronavirus cases in a single day has decreased for the third day in a row, according to the commission.

As of midnight Tuesday, the city had 52 infected patients in severe condition receiving treatment at designated hospitals.

Shanghai has been registering a new outbreak of Covid-19 for several weeks, due to the presence of the Omicron variant in the city.

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