Shakira will build a wall in her Barcelona mansion to stop seeing Piqué’s parents


Shakira would be thinking of building a wall that separates her house in Barcelona from her ex-father-in-law

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Although it is said that Shakira She would already have everything ready to move with her two children to the mansion he has in the city of Miamiin what happens, the one born in Barranquilla would be taking measures to make this difficult moment as bearable as possible, which includes the construction of a wall in his current house.

According to the ‘Mamarazzis’, the interpreter of ‘Blackmail’ would have made this decision not because she wants to keep the paparazzi at bay, but because shis home in Barcelona is connected to that of his parents and to that of his now ex-father-in-law.

“Someone very close to Gerard Piqué’s family tells me that Shakira is evaluating the possibility, very seriously, of separating one house from the other (…) The relationship must be very bad for you, even with the grandparents -who in the end they are left out of this whole situation – it seems like Donald Trump there erecting walls. In the end, for the children, how are you going to explain to them that it cannot happen now, ”said journalist Laura Fa on her podcast.

The division of houses would cause, according to information from a cameraman, that the Shared pool will be next to Gerard Piqué’s parents’ houseso Shakira would have to build another one so that it can be enjoyed by her children, without having to go to her ex-father-in-law’s house to ask for permission so that they can take a dip.

“I don’t know how they will solve it, Shakira also has enough space to build another pool,” said Laura Fa.

At the moment the construction of the wall is her simple project, so we will have to be attentive if it is a final decision or if the interpreter of ‘Waka Waka’ reconsiders her position when she is calmer and with a cool head.

How is the mansion that Shakira would divide with a big wall?

The aforementioned house in Barcelona is where the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ and the Barcelona defender lived for more than 10 years.

It was built by themselves over five floors and is located in the community of Esplugues of Llobregat.

It has several bedrooms, several bathrooms, a hall, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a main room and a TV room.

It also has a movie theater, a trophy room, a games room, an office, a gym, a bar, a wine cellar, an underground garage, a laundry room, among other rooms.

Outside it has a terrace, barbecue area, extensive green areas, tennis court, resort-style pool with waterfall and its respective spa area, among other amenities.

In the lot there are also the house of his parents and that of Piqué’s father, while his ex-mother-in-law lives in another place and totally away from the family problem that is coming.

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