Shakira talked about her new songs and collaborations with other artists: “Singing in Spanish is the coolest thing”

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Shakira revealed to Billboard more details about her life with Piqué in Barcelona - credit Infobae file.

Shakira attended an event at the Latin Music Week 2023 where he had an interview with Leila Cobo, the CCO of Billboard Español, and spoke of exponential career growth because the interpreter of empty cup has taken the risk of innovating in music, for that reason he collaborated with the regional group Mexican Force Regida, From the thefts of the union his song was born The boss.

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“We wanted make a song that portrays a little the reality of many, the universal reality. Also, I wanted to do something in the regional Mexican genre, but also “I wanted to give it a ska touch.”mentioned the Colombian artist.

The successful singer worked with the composers Keityn and with Edgar Barrera In the new single, she states that while they were producing the song she had a great time “great” because they are “great friends””.

Shakira and the composers in the new single managed to combine two musical styles: “The song has a bit of that sensitivity; It could be Balkan music or British ska, but no, it's all in a regional Mexican framework.”

The Monotonía interpreter spoke about the new musical rhythms and songs in which the Spanish language predominates: “It is the people who rule. That's why age doesn't matter. the gender, the condition, the language. What matters is whether an artist connects with his audience through music.”

The singer from Barranquilla stressed that “Singing in Spanish is the coolest thing” because nowadays “No one can tell the audience which artists they relate to or what language they listen to the music in.”

Although he remembered his beginnings when he released the song in English Whenever, Wherever and she confessed that Tommy Mottola was the one who motivated her to work on the topic, since he gave her that “vote of confidence to release music in English.”

Since the artist ended her relationship with the former athlete, she has had several collaborations with great singers in the music industry, such as the Argentine producer Bizarrap. But what many people don't know is that the person who motivated her to record the successful song was her 10-year-old son, Milan.

“Yes, he (Milan) was the one who showed me Bizarrap's music. He told me, 'when you do a song with Bizarrap it's going to be a world number one.' (Bizarrap) had already sent me a DM [por redes sociales] that I had not seen. But then he sent me a message on WhatsApp, and I said to Milan, 'Look who's texting me.' He tells me, “Yes! “The Argentine God.” He has good instincts,” the Colombian singer revealed.

Shakira mentioned that her two children, in addition to being her motivation, help her choose the songs: “I listen to them (my children) a lot. Every time I go to release something, I tell them: 'What do you think of this song?' to see what they imagine. With I congratulate you, for example, the idea of ​​the robot in the video was from Sasha, and the idea of ​​the fire was from Milan.”

The singer from Barranquilla moved to Miami, United States, after separating from the former soccer player, a fact that brought positive aspects to her musical career because when she lived in Spain she “I was unable to execute many of my plans.”

The renowned artist mentioned that while in “Barcelona was practically alone” since he had to wait for a producer to travel to the European country to be able to carry out several of the musical ideas he had. With this he felt “unmotivated”but by moving to the City of the Sun he is now close to “so many colleagues, producers, musicians and friends” and they find “great motivation.”

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