Shakira sweeps the NBA finals with a miniskirt, top, platforms and smiles for Jimmy Butler

Shakira at the Miami F1 Grand Prix race.

Photo: Chris Graythen. /Getty Images

The supposed suitors, as well as the rumors of romances, do not stop for Shakira. Not many weeks ago, she began to associate with the player from the Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler. Hours before the closing of this note, Gerard Piqué's ex was seen in the third game of the NBA finals.

Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets played in the NBA Finals. The same that gave the Colorado team winners with a score of 109-94. This puts them 2-1 up. But another relevant thing, in addition to the result, was that the singer Shakira arrived in a miniskirt, platforms, top and a big smile to cheer on Jimmy Butlerwho failed to stand out in the match.

Shakira left Barcelona straight for Miami. From there, she went again to a sporting event to splurge the beauty that characterizes her. While all this was going on and the interpreter of “Acrostic”, “TQG” and “Monotonía” cheered on her friend from the Miami Heat, Jimmy Butlerto his ex Gerard Piqué He was not doing very well in Spain.

The former player of FC Barcelona he appeared before a court with his girlfriend Clara Chia Martiafter denounce the correspondent for El Gordo and La Flaca, Jordi Martin for alleged harassment. The same paparazzi told the details in the show univision. Despite the bad moment for everyone in the Iberian country, "Sak" yes he had a blast.

Shakira and Jimmy Butler followed each other on Instagram

After the Barranquillera saw the player in full action in May and wrote a message on instagramdefining as marvelous the game of nba That night, both followed each other on the social network.

The friend of bizarre and Carol G. formed the word heat vertically and used each letter to build another. "Heroic, extraordinary, incredible and team." Shakira has not missed the playoffs and that has increased flirting rumors between the NBA star and the pop singer.

None of the parties involved had issued any comment in this regard at the closing of this note.

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