Mexico.-Shakira surprises by singing Acrostic with her children at the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards and moved everyone with the melody.

This Thursday, November 16, the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards will be held and Shakira - 46 years old - was one of the big surprises of the night.

The singer surprised everyone by singing the Acrostic song with her children and the audience could not handle the emotion.

Shakira arrived at the event with her children Milan and Sasha - ages 10 and 7 - who dressed in white and were very excited about the event.

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The Colombian triumphed at the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards, as she won in the Best Pop Song category for Music Sessions Vol. 53 with Bizarrap.

Shakira celebrated the moment with her children and Bizarrap gave up their space on stage so that the singer could thank her for her award.

But the highlight of Shakira's night was when she took the stage to sing Acróstico, a song she rewrote and dedicated to her children.

Shakira performed Acrostic accompanied by a piano and wore a gold dress with an image of the Virgin Mary on the chest.

In the final part of Acróstico Milan and Sasha participated, singing with their mother and that caused great emotion among the audience.

Shakira shared photographs of the outfit she wore when taking the stage at the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards and they claim that after leaving Gerard Piqué, she became 15 years younger.

“Shakira without Piqué rejuvenated like 15 years” and “Shakira, full of grace, the Grammys be with you, amen,” were the compliments that the Colombian received on Instagram.