Shakira pays great attention to her fans and thanks them in person for celebrating her birthday outside her house | VIDEO

What Shakira there are not two, and once again we check it. Well, on her 46th birthday, not only did her fans spoil her, but she had a great detail that will last a lifetime. Well, to those who gathered outside her house to celebrate it, she came out to thank them and even hug them for their tremendous displays of affection.

Shakira celebrated this February 2 with great displays of affection from her fans who gathered outside her house from the early hours of this Thursday. Reason why the singer decided to surprise them and go out to hug them and thank them personally.

The Barranquillera's birthday coincides with that of the former soccer player, so the Spanish media and fans were quick to show up outside his mansion in Barcelona.

As far as some cakes as a gift for the singer who first only appeared on her balcony to say hello and thank her for the signs of affection.

As part of the gifts for the singer, some of her followers brought mariachis to the door of her house that performed “Cielito Lindo”.

While others brought flowers and there were also fireworks for a few moments that ended the looks of the rest of the attendees and journalists.

Regardless of the hubbub that was generated and the harassment of the media, the interpreter of "Ojos así" He decided to surprise his fans and left his house to be able to hug them and thank them personally for the expressions of affection on his birthday, in addition to the tender messages on social networks.

Alejandro Sanz also celebrates Shakira

In addition to her family and fans, celebrities joined the congratulatory messages for Shakira and among them stands out that of the singer Alejandro Sanz, who is one of the great friends of the Colombian and who has supported her unconditionally during her painful and mediatic separation with Gerard Piqué.

“Shaki, the years go by and we continue here, orbiting in this very cosmic friendship that life gave us. I congratulate you, I celebrate you and I love you"

The singer wrote on his Instagram account along with a short clip in which they are seen sharing the stage while performing "La Tortura" that they released in 2005.

It has been pointed out that the Spanish singer is the one who gave Shakira his full support during the legal process she faced with the former FC Barcelona player, as she would have obtained the contact of the lawyer who represented the singer in the agreement for the custody of her children.

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