Shakira and Piqué: the great publicity impact that the conflict between the singer and the footballer has generated

Shakira and Piqué had been in a relationship for more than 10 years.

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Shakira's song has more than 150 million views on YouTube. The comparison of the current couple of Piqué with a Casio watch and a Twingo viralized these brands. Carlos Cantó, a marketing expert, analyzes this type of unpaid advertising in EFE, called 'publicity'. “Will they have higher sales? We will see".

A surprising fact that reflects a study on the subject carried out the weekend after the release of the song Samy Alliance, a global alliance of marketing and communication companies, is that the conversation around the figure of Piqué that has been generated in social networks after the publication of the song is practically three times greater than the one when he announced his retirement as a footballer last November. This time, the ex-soccer player and businessman has been mentioned 168,000 times.

This same study has come to the conclusion that the Casio and Twingo brands have improved the audience's perception of them. In addition, between them they have accounted for more than 400,000 mentions on social networks. 71% of them have come from Latin America and the remaining 29% from Spain.

Secondly, Casio is being by far the brand mentioned in the song (apart from Twingo, Rolex and Ferrari also appear) that is having a greater growth of followers in social networks, with 100,000 new on Instagram.

"This may or may not be positive for brands," Carlos Cantó, a member of the Spanish Marketing Association and CEO of SPGS Consulting, a company that offers solutions in the world of sports sponsorship, told EFE. “Notoriety for notoriety's sake only gives you a name. It is only the first step to achieve your goals ”, she adds.

This kind of unpaid advertising that falls from the sky, the world of marketing names it 'publicity' to differentiate it from paid advertising, 'advertising'. It is something that Cantó recalls that "it happens regularly, although not with the extent of this case." Precisely, the songs are one of the places where it happens the most, along with the movies.

Casio has grown a lot in the number of followers on its social networks. But, faced with this fact, Cantó asks himself a series of questions: “Will this mean a better positioning of the brand? We will see. Will this mean more sales? We will see. Will all these new followers continue a month from now? We will see".

In this sense, Cantó explains that "A brand strategy is not designed overnight and involves many things." In addition, he says that "the important thing is that it be sustainable over time" and that "you can destroy a brand very quickly, but making it grow takes a long time."

When it comes to reacting to the song, the brands involved have taken different strategies. Ferrari and Rolex have not directly done anything (at least, publicly).

In fact, Twingo hasn't reacted either. But Piqué was in charge of giving him visibility by appearing on his own initiative with a Renault of this model in the Kings League, the 7-a-side football competition with 'streamers' that he has created and of which he is the president. The action of the former Barcelona soccer player surprised, above all, due to the fact that the Spanish Cupra, another car brand, it is the one that gives its name to the field of play of the Kings League.

However, Casio has had an active participation in the repercussion of the Bizarrap and Shakira song. Although less than it seemed at first. The Japanese watch brand published on January 12 a post on its Instagram account with the phrase “we love that this splashes us”, referring to a stanza of the theme. But he has denied that he has reached a sponsorship agreement with Piqué for the Kings League, a piece of news that the former player announced last Friday with a Casio in hand in a live stream on Twitch.

“If we have learned anything these days by reading your comments, it is that Casio is a beloved brand around the world and around the world. Since we are not official sponsors of any side, we are committed to a space of respect and harmony, ”Casio wrote in a post on his Instagram account this Wednesday the 18th. "So whether you are 'king', you are a wolf or you are Pikachu himself, you have shown that you belong to Casio," he added.

Piqué's hyperactive life has meant that the controversy over the song has not been the only high point of his week. During this period of time, two relevant news for his business facet have also been known: the meeting with the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, to play the Kings League finals at the Camp Nou on the weekend of 25 and 26 March, and that the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has broken the contract with Kosmos, the company directed by Piqué, for the organization of the Davis Cup.

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