Shakira and her children will live in Miami

The news of the agreement between Shakira Y Gerard Piqué It was one of the most anticipated since the announcement of their separation a few months ago.

The agreement has finally been signed and the ex-partner has apparently come to understand each other on several points, and the most important is the custody of the children.

Although for many the document was a victory for the singer as she was able to take the little ones to MiamiThe reality is not exactly like that.

Several aspects of the agreement brought to light the concessions that the Colombian artist made so that the soccer player accepted the transfer of Milan Y Sasha a USA.

Some even say that Piqué has benefited more than is thought, after the fifth meeting with the interpreter of Monotony Y Congratulationsand the respective legal teams.

As explained by the legal representative to the media, the three vacation periods throughout the school year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter in spring, correspond entirely to the soccer player.

That said, the custody will be for him ten days of each month and the summer vacations will be shared between them 70/30 in favor of the father and his family in Barcelona.

Another important detail to take into account is that if the Catalan defender decided in the short, medium or long term to move to Miami, everything would change and the path to shared custody would be clear. Something that is not ruled out considering that he will no longer play for Barcelona.

Tamborero said that it had been “very, very difficult to get here. As you know, we have been negotiating, fighting, struggling for five months to come up with a 20-page agreement that both parties could sign,” he added.