Shakira already has a date to go to Miami. Her parents will go by air ambulance

Shakira in court in Barcelona before signing the legal agreement with Gerard Piqué. © 2022 Zuma Press/The Grosby Group

Photo: Zuma Press. / Grosby Group

Colombian singer Shakira He has already finalized the agreement with the father of his children Gerard Piqué. After both did not even meet in court and signed in separate rooms the document in which the FC Barcelona player authorizes his ex-partner to be able to go live with their children in Miamidetails of the agreement have been released as the exact date on which the Colombian will leave Barcelona.

Shakira leaves on January 7. That is, just the day after Kings in Spain. One of the most important in the Iberian region because it is when children receive their toys. In addition, it was also known that his father, William Mebarak will travel by air ambulance to Florida with his wife.

Let’s remember that Shakira’s father fell. This resulted in some clots that had to be removed through surgery. Despite health complications, she has remained strong and slowly recovering. Even so, the interpreter of Monotony Y Congratulations He will do whatever it takes to make his parents they can leave Spain with all possible attention.

For his part, the lawyer Gerard Piqué He would also have offered details of the demands of the Catalan footballer such as that children can spend time with their partner, Clara Chía Martin.

Shakira and her surf coach

The Colombian woman looked very caramelized during the days she spent near the sea in Cantabria. According to Jordi Martincorrespondent for The fat and the skinnywhich offered the aforementioned information on the Shakira details for your next movePiqué’s ex was seen smiling, calm and enjoying the company a lot.

The, the surf coacha handsome boy who even helped her take off her jumpsuittook her by the hand and did not stop taking pictures of her, milan and sasha. It is seen that the boy, whether he is the new Colombian lover or not, is very comfortable with the family and friends of the singer-songwriter. Like Gerard PiquéIt can be seen that she is making every effort to turn the page and even more so now that the distance between her and the place where she lived for more than twelve years will say goodbye to each other.

On the other hand, his musical successes are going from strength to strength. Congratulations it was all a hit Y Monotony, no way. The song broke the start record when it was released and even surpassed the record for The blackout of Bad Bunny at launch time. We leave you the video clip that he made Shakira In collaboration with ozuna and that already has 124 million reproductions accumulated until the moment of closing this note.

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