Several Ukrainian embassies from Europe receive “bloody packages” with animal eyes

After the six shipments of explosive letters in Madrid and Zaragoza, several Ukrainian diplomatic headquarters in Europe have received “bloody packages” with animal eyes, as the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denounced this Friday, pointing to a “well-planned campaign of terror and intimidation in the embassies and consulates of Ukraine”. In addition, the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid has also been cordoned off by a suspicious package, as it has been able to confirm. The vanguard.

As published on Facebook by the spokesman for the Ministry, Oleg Nikolenko, the embassies in Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia and Austria, in addition to the general consulates in Naples, Krakow and Brno (Czech Republic), have received these containers “impregnated with a liquid of characteristic color and with its corresponding odor”.

“We studied the meaning of this message,” Nikolenko explained. The minister, Dmytro Kuleba, has ordered all embassies and consulates to increase their security systems, assuring that attempts to intimidate Ukraine “for not being able to stop it on the diplomatic front” are “useless.”

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The vanguard

It’s not just about the packages. According to Nikolenko, the entrance to the residence of the Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican has also been vandalized. Apparently they would have deposited human excrement in front of his door. In Kazakhstan, the embassy reportedly received a bomb threat, while the embassy in the United States received a letter containing an article critical of Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian side interacts with the law enforcement agencies of foreign countries to investigate all cases of threats, identify the people involved and bring them to justice,” Nikolenko said.

Everything happens after the alert has gone off in Spain for six brown envelopes with pyrotechnic material, a shipment investigated as an alleged crime of terrorism, destined from the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, in addition to a the US and Ukrainian embassies in Madrid – which on Wednesday left one injured and also forced the cordon off of the area – something interpreted as a clear intimidating message due to Spain’s support for Kyiv in the war. Only one of the six envelopes with fireworks has the clues intact to reach the author of the chain.

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