Several NGOs denounce not knowing the whereabouts of some 4,000 Gaza workers detained in Israel

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This Monday, six Israeli human rights groups filed a petition with the Supreme Court demanding that Israel reveal "the names and locations of all detainees" over the past two weeks.

In the past two weeks, approximately 4,000 Palestinians from Gaza who used to work in Israel have been detained, with their whereabouts and reasons for their detention unknown. This event has occurred in the midst of the conflict between the Israeli Army and the Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The lack of information about their situation has raised concerns and prompted six Israeli human rights groups to petition Israel's Supreme Court demanding Israel reveal "the names and locations of all detainees" as well as "the release of those illegally arrested in the West Bank.

Some 18,500 people from Gaza had work permits in Israel, but Israeli authorities revoked them after the conflict broke out on October 7. Since then, several thousand have been displaced to the occupied West Bank, and many have been detained by Israeli security forces, according to several human rights NGOs.

Currently "they are arrested in undetermined locations, with little information about their condition, in an unclear legal situation and without any legal recourse available," the groups Adalah, Doctors for Human Rights, Hamoked and the Public Committee against the Torture in Israel.

According to them, these days they have been contacted by their families in Gaza, but "the Israeli authorities have refused to provide information about where their loved ones are being held."

Given this, the NGOs urge Israel to "provide information on the whereabouts of all detainees and prisoners, in accordance with its legal obligations." In turn, they denounce the application of "arbitrary and punitive measures towards all Palestinians."

According to the local press, these thousands of Gazans would be held between the Ofer prison, in the occupied West Bank, and military bases, while Israeli forces continue to carry out extensive arrest raids in Palestinian territory that include arrests of Gazans.

Given the situation, six Israeli NGOs have today presented "an urgent petition" to the Supreme Court of Israel asking for the release of the Gazans now held "against their will and without legal basis."

"Detained workers are deprived of their basic rights, including the right to legal representation," these groups denounce.

According to them, Israel commits "an illegal act of revenge" with the "massive revocation" of work permits for Gaza employees on the day the war broke out and the arrest of many of them.

Since the conflict began, the Israeli Army has confirmed the arrest of 800 Palestinians in the West Bank, including more than 500 it considers affiliated with Hamas. In turn, he says that last night he arrested 37 members of the Islamist group.

During the early hours, Israeli forces carried out extensive raids in several locations in the West Bank, arresting some 123 people, including 40 Gaza workers.

According to Israeli News Channel 12, Israel is investigating whether Gazan employees provided information or participated in planning the Hamas attack 17 days ago.

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