Several models were gang raped during music video filming in South Africa


Police in South Africa reported that more than 80 men, believed to be illegal gold miners, were Arrested accused of sexually assaulting a group of models near the city of Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg, where they were shooting a music video.

According to official information, the attackers who are presumed to be part of the gang “zama-zama” They robbed the crew of 12 women and 10 men at gunpoint before sexually assaulting eight women.

The 22-person crew was filming a music video when they were allegedly attacked by a group of armed men wearing blankets,” said Lt. Gen. Elias Mawela, Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner.

Mawela indicated that the men they ordered their victims to lie down on the floor and began the sexual abuse, later they stole their belongings.

“I was blaming myself, thinking if it hadn’t been for me, these girls wouldn’t be there,” a victim who was involved in organizing the production told the South African Sunday Times.

In addition, he indicated that he felt: “responsible and I wanted to bear all the pain so that they did not touch the girls. I was blaming myself. The first person who was raped was me. The first time they took me to the mountain and the second time they took me to a hole where no one could see us.”

The victim, whose identity was not disclosed, stated that the adult men ordered a group of children who were in the place to abuse them and beat them to commit the abuse.

“The young men would then lead us, one by one, into the bushes. The last time I was raped was in front of the other group”, he counted.

Another victim, a 19-year-old, said she assured her abusers that she recently had a miscarriage to avoid the attack.

After the attack, just over 300 people demonstrated outside the Krugersdorp Magistrates Court on Monday to express his anger after the act of sexual violence committed on the models.

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