Seventh March for Sovereignty ends in Río Negro, Argentina | News

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The seventh edition of the March for Sovereignty culminated this Saturday in Argentina after arriving in the vicinity of the residence of the British magnate, Joe Lewis, in Lago Escondido, a place nestled in the southern province of Río Negro, on the border with Chile.


Protesters demand democratization of the judiciary in Argentina

The organizers of the demonstration, the Interactive Foundation to Promote the Culture of Water (Fipca), indicated that "with the objectives of having made it clear that Lake Escondido is the patrimony of all Argentines (...) it has been decided to terminate the same".

The protesters, who began the march last Saturday, arrived at Route 40 at dawn after having set up camp on the eastern shore of Lake Escondido.

In turn, Fipca reported that the members of the mountain column are fine, meanwhile, those of the column that took the public road to Tacuifí, who were attacked by local baqueanos, "are cared for and out of danger."

For its part, a third column managed to reach the private Lewis airport in Sierra Grande in order to "make this great problem visible," which they consider an usurpation of their sovereignty by foreign interests.

"We thank all the participating organizations and the Argentine people for their struggle, for supporting this cause of national sovereignty and recovering the patriotic sentiment. The Malvinas are Argentine and so is Lago Escondido," they highlighted.

The priest Francisco "Paco" Olveira, who participated in the demonstration and went on a hunger strike, stated that “the lake is kidnapped and we have to free it. The lake can only be enjoyed by them, it is much more than opening a path. We already know what Lewis does from there, with meetings that were revealed, a parallel government, a mafia that runs the country from there.

Federal judges, prosecutors and former officials, as well as the CEO of Grupo Clarín, Jorge Rendo, have been criminally charged for maintaining ties and accepting gifts from Lewis in clear violation of their duties as public officials.

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