Seven Democratic Latinos will be part of Congress

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Seven new Latino Democrats will join the House of Representatives of Congress next January of the United States thanks to their triumphs in the mid-term elections on November 8.

The political action committee of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC BOLD PAC), congratulated the elected legislators on Thursday Robert Garcia (California), Yadira Caraveo (Colorado), Maxwell Alexander Frost (Florida), Delia Ramirez (Illinois), Rob Menendez (New Jersey), Gabe Vasquez (New Mexico) and Greg Casar (Texas).

“Latinos made history. We are pleased to welcome these seven new Latino Democrats to Congress next year and we are proud to have been a crucial player in their historic elections,” CHC BOLD PAC President RubĂ©n Gallego said in a statement.

“These candidates are trailblazers who have broken down barriers and will be advocates for their communities. BOLD PAC's mission is to diversify Congress and this cycle we doubled down on our efforts recruiting strong Latino candidates across the country and making sure they had the resources to succeed. We are willing to stand by your side to fight for our communities from Congress,” he added.

Latinos achieve historic milestones

The text stated that BOLD PAC invested more than six million dollars as part of its independent expenses to support current Latino members and candidates for Congressthe largest sum of independent spending investments in the committee's 21-year history.

He stressed that the Latino candidates achieved historic milestones for their communities in Tuesday's elections, citing as an example Robert Garcia, who will be the first Peruvian and the first openly gay immigrant in Congress. Likewise, Yadira Caraveo will be the first Latina congresswoman to represent Colorado at the federal levelwhile Maxwell Alejandro Frost will be the first member of Congress from Generation Z. Delia RamĂ­rez will be the first Latina congresswoman from the Midwest and Greg Casar will be the first Latino to represent the 35th District of Texas.

Casar highlighted today in a Twitter message that the federal Congress will have the largest number of Latinos progressives in their history to "massive corporate spending of tens of millions of dollars by the right." The son of Mexican immigrants, Casar won Republican Dan McQueden in the redesigned 35th District, which includes East Austin and part of Hays County.

Casar was part of the Austin Council for seven yearswhere he championed progressive issues such as affordable housing, paid sick leave, salary increases, and police reform.

During the campaign, he said that he decided to run for the US Congress after living through the winter storm that affected Texas last year and left several dead. He garnered the endorsement of big-name progressives like Senator Bernie Sanders and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Among the issues that he assures he will defend from Congress is the increase in the minimum wagethe right to abortion, access to affordable housing and policies to face climate change.

Republicans hoped in Texas to win several Democratic seats, especially on the southern border, but they did not succeed. Austin has been a Democratic stronghold for decades.

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