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The history of beer is as old as civilization, since more than 6,000 years ago, humanity began to consume this liquid as an important part of its daily diet.


Discover how to prepare craft beer at home

Since its discovery and for many centuries, brewing has been carried out in an artisanal way with methods that have been perfected over time.

Here are some facts about craft beer that you should know:

1. The process of making craft beer is done manually with very little machinery, which preserves its nutritional properties (remember that beer is related to bread).

two. Filtering is another of its most outstanding peculiarities, as it is also done manually without the use of chemical products, which makes it possible for the nutrients and flavor and aroma properties to be greater than industrial beer.

3. As a consequence of the above, the aroma and flavor of craft beer is more intense than in industrial beer, which is taken advantage of by microbreweries seeking to obtain a higher quality product, even though prices are a little higher at the end. .

Four. The ingredients used are entirely natural, with no artificially added preservatives or antioxidants: water, yeast, malts and hops is all that is needed to make a magnificent craft beer.

5. The personal formula or recipe of each “brewmaster” is essential to achieve a unique product with characteristics that differentiate it from the rest. He is in charge of balancing the mixture in order to find the desired taste and smell.

6. It is a product considered local or close to consumers, as it is mostly manufactured by small producers, who offer it to populations near their radius of influence.

7. Craft beer has a range of aromas, flavors and nuances that make it an excellent drink to pair with all kinds of food; here some of them:

– The softest, freshest and lightest combine with a wide variety of elements (salads, vegetables, light spicy and smoked foods, cheeses, fried foods, sausages…).

– The sweet ones can be combined with all kinds of desserts, cheeses and slightly salty dishes.

– The most bitter pair perfectly with red meat, blue fish, smoked fish, chocolate and special spicy and/or salty preparations in general.

– Beers with an intense character pair well with products that also have an intense flavor such as stewed meats, buttery or strong cheeses, artichokes…

– And dark beers, we can pair them with desserts, ice creams, fruit, chocolate, or even with blue cheeses…

And one last fact! It does not matter if it is craft or industrial beer, despite the various beliefs about beer foam, the truth is that a voluminous foam is a sign of a good quality beer.

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