Serious crimes increase and imprisonment increases by 16%; BC and Edomex, with more cases

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After the Senate expanded the list of crimes that merit preventive detention in February 2021, the number of people admitted to penitentiary centers increased 16% in one year.

I agree with you National Censuses of Penitentiary Systems At the federal and state levels 2023, prepared by Inegi, in the year that the legislators carried out the reform, 119,188 admissions to state and federal prisons were reported; The following year, this number grew to 138,496.


The entity that concentrated the largest amount of income was Baja California, with 19,664, followed by the State of Mexico, with 13,712.

During 2022, 187,991 crimes committed by incarcerated people were reported nationwide, of which 3.7% (six thousand 995) were reported in federal penitentiary centers and 96.3% (180,996) in state prisons. Of the national total, 91.5% were committed by men and 8.5% by women. Compared to the total crimes recorded in 2021, an increase of 18.4% was observed in 2022.

With the reform of article 19 of the Constitution, the catalog of serious crimes in which the judge must order informal preventive detention increased: abuse or sexual violence against minors, organized crime, intentional homicide, feminicide, rape, kidnapping, trafficking, house robbery , use of social programs for electoral purposes, corruption, theft from cargo transportation, crimes related to hydrocarbons, oil or petrochemicals, forced disappearance, disappearance committed by private individuals, crimes committed with violent means such as weapons and explosives, crimes related to weapons fire and explosives for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

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Last year, 3,209 people were released from federal prisons and 124,397 from state prisons. Of the total (127,606), 91.9% were men and 8.1% women. Compared to 2021, departures increased 19.4 percent.

The entity that concentrated the largest amount of expenditures was Baja California with 15,492, followed by Edomex with 11,732.

At the end of 2022, 226,116 people were held in federal and state prisons (224,805 adults and 1,311 adolescents). Of them, 18,976 (8.4%) correspond to the federal level and 207,140 (91.6%) to the state level. Furthermore, 94.4% were men and 5.6% were women. Compared to 2021, an increase of 2.6% was recorded in the total hospitalized population.

According to the legal status of the prisoners, 88,172 were without a sentence or precautionary measure of preventive detention, 23,653 had a non-final sentence, 111,162 had a final sentence and for 3,129 the status was not identified. .

Compared to 2021, the incarcerated population with a sentence increased 8.7%, while the population without a sentence decreased 5.0 percent.

Of the total number of prisoners without a sentence, 50.2% were in informal preventive detention, 23.9% in justified preventive detention, 11.4% in another legal case and for 14.5% the type of legal status was not identified.

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