Serial rapist of members of the LGBT+ community to prison; he drugged and threatened them

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A Control Judge imposed justified preventive detention on him José Roberto "N", who is related to at least 12 sexual attacks on people from the LGBT+ community.

At this Thursday's hearing, the defending particular of the accused requested the duplication of the constitutional term.

It will be next Tuesday that the justice provider defines his situation legal for the crimes of rape and aggravated robbery.

The research They point out that the 34-year-old man contacted his victims via the Grindr app.

He proposed to them to have relationships in exchange for money, but in reality it was a trap to drug them, sexually assault them, rob them and threaten them.

Before the start of the audienceone of the victims narrated how he was hooked by Jose Robertowho was arrested in Hidalgo last Wednesday.

"I personally try look for me three times, I wasn't physically attracted to him, so I didn't pay attention to him, but it was constantly and a mistake that I made was to accept," declared Efrén.

He assured that José met him at a hotel, but he said that when know him He stopped being the trustworthy man he appears to be on the social network.

"From there is when you start Let's see the bad things, that he was completely wearing a face mask, I was uncertain whether to know if he was the one in the photo, because he was wearing a huge face mask," he said.

By being in the roomJosé offered him alcoholic beverages, a Fourloko and Kosako.

After ingesting them, Efren he lost consciousness. When he recovered, he did not find his belongings, but he found a letter with a threat.


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