Serbia denounces threats for rejecting sanctions against Russia | News


Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić assessed on Wednesday that the repeated reports of bomb threats in that Balkan country would be part of a pressure campaign from abroad due to the non-imposition of sanctions on Russia.


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In an interview with local television, Brnabić said: “We are the only country in Europe that has not imposed sanctions on Russia, and the pressures are incredible day by day, and these bomb reports are pressures from outside due to the non-imposition of sanctions against Russia.

In that sense, he explained that the reports about the bombs were carefully planned and that “certainly they came from abroad, which is demonstrated by the fact that the report reached the Tropicarium [acuario] of Belgrade, which most citizens do not know exists”.

The Serbian premier elaborated in this regard: “Someone looked at what all the tourist attractions could be. In our country the aquarium is small and most do not know about it, it shows that someone planned it and that it comes from outside, because if some people from Serbia came up with it, they would never send a report to the tropicarium”.

He also said that not imposing sanctions on Russia is “extremely costly”, because the main question for investors is why Serbia has not yet imposed sanctions on Russia and, as he pointed out, it also slows the country’s growth.

In this sense, Brnabić complained: “Serbia is alone, because it is the only one that respects the principles of international law”, while defending its position: Serbia is a ‘lonely’ country, because it is the only one that respects the principles of international law. international right.

“The situation is painful, because everything we see on a day-to-day basis, both from the East and from the West, is hypocrisy, because everyone interprets international law as it suits them, and they reprimand us for not respecting something,” he said.

She assessed that the “peak” of hypocrisy is Kosovo and Metojia’s application for membership in the Council of Europe.

“This is happening on the heels of politicians in Pristina abolishing the basic human right of Serbs in Kosovo and Metojia: the right to choose,” said Brnabić, who added that he expected Kosovo’s application to join the Council to be rejected. of Europe.

Just this Wednesday, two hospitals and the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering for Vocational Studies, located in Belgrade, received bomb threats and the corresponding activities were cancelled.

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