Senate will assume its duties responsibly to analyze and discuss electoral reform: Ricardo Monreal

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Mexico.- The Governance and Second Legislative Studies commissions circulated a draft opinion that does not approve the modification to article 12 of the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, which was proposed by the Chamber of Deputies, affirmed the president of the Board of Political Coordination of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal Ávila.

He specified that if the commissions and the Plenary of the Senate endorse this opinion, the Assembly will be consulted if the remaining 429 articles, which are part of the electoral reform, are turned over to the federal Executive.

In a series of messages that he shared on social networks, Ricardo Monreal emphasized that the Senate of the Republic will assume its functions responsibly and adhere to the regulatory and constitutional procedures.

He specified that this Sunday, the executive committees of the joint commissions circulated a draft opinion, which in its first resolution mentions that the modification made by the Chamber of Deputies to article 12 of the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures is not approved, for not adhere to the procedure of article 72 of the Political Constitution.

In addition, in its second resolution and in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph E of the same article 72, it is requested that the Plenary of the Senate be consulted about the possibility that the rest of the project, which is part of "Plan B" of the reform electoral, it is turned over to the Executive Power to continue with the legislative procedure.

Ricardo Monreal explained that tomorrow, Monday, the joint commissions of the Interior and Second Legislative Studies will discuss said draft opinion, and if they approve it, they will send it to the Board of Directors of the Senate for processing in plenary.

Consequently, in the plenary session next Tuesday, February 21, it will be given a first reading and in the session on Wednesday the 22nd it will be discussed.

Monreal Ávila explained that the Plenary has two options: approve the opinion of the commissions and determine if the rest of the project is turned over to the Executive, only with what has been proven by both chambers:

That is, with the 429 articles approved by both chambers related to the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, the General Law of Political Parties and the Organic Law of the Judiciary of the Federation, as well as the project to issue the General Law of the Means of Challenge in Electoral Matters.

The Plenary, he added, could also reject the opinion of the commissions, agree to what the Chamber of Deputies sent them and turn over the entire project to the Federal Executive Power, with the modification made by the co-legislator to article 12 of the General Law of Institutions and Electoral Procedures.

In any case, Ricardo Monreal emphasized, "the Senate will assume its functions responsibly and in accordance with the regulatory and constitutional procedures."

With information from the Senate of Mexico

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