Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Reaches Deal With Democrats on Inflation Reduction Act


Democrats secure the progress of the Inflation Reduction Act with the support of Kyrsten Sinema.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

the senator Kyrsten Synema said she would soon be ready to “move forward” on a revised version of the health care, climate and deficit reduction package being advanced by Senate Democrats as the Law to reduce inflationopening the door for party lawmakers to adopt the stalled bill as soon as this weekend.

The Democratic senator from Arizona announced this Thursday her support for the fiscal and environmental plan defended by President Joe Biden, which advances its approval and represents an important victory for the Democratic president.

It will take the backing of all 50 Democratic senators to pass any legislation in the evenly split Senate, given the party’s narrow majority and Republican resistance to acting on the climate crisis.

In a statement, the senator, belonging to the most conservative wing of the Democratic Party, announced her support for the plan promoted by Biden, after a clause that would have been fiscally detrimental to private investors was eliminated.

He also noted that they had made additional adjustments to a second provision that imposes a new minimum tax on corporations that currently pay nothing to the US government.

“Tonight we have taken a decisive step to reduce inflation and the cost of living for American families. The law also promotes the largest investment in history to combat climate change and increase energy security,” Biden said in a statement after learning of Sinema’s decision.

The plan already received the approval last week of another key Democratic senator, Joe Manchin, who reached an agreement with the Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, to support the legislative initiative.

The bill contemplates more than $669,000 million dollars dedicated to reducing the deficit, energy security programs, making it easier for Medicare to negotiate the prices of certain expensive drugs, and fighting climate change in the next decade.

That amount is substantially less than the $3 billion dollars that the most leftist wing of the Democrats initially aspired to advance, but it represents a boost for progressives a few months before the mid-term elections, in which their majorities in both houses of Congress.

In early July, Manchin had told his party colleagues that he was not going to support Biden’s plans on climate change policies and tax increases.

These two provisions are a priority in the package that Biden and the Democrats want to approve before the legislative elections in November to try to gain some breath in an electoral race that is tremendously complicated, with the president’s approval rating at a minimum.

The bill also contemplates extending three years, until 2025, the program to lower the price and expand affordable health coverage.

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