Semar reinforces the Marina Plan in Baja California Sur and Sinaloa

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Given the path of the hurricane “Norma” towards the coasts of the states of Baja California Sur and Sinaloa, The deployment of reinforcement and mobilization of personnel from the Mexican Navy-Secretariat of the Navy and the Naval Civil Protection Unit continues, in conjunction with the National Coordinator of Civil Protectionmaterial, equipment, ships and vehicles for the implementation of the Marine Plan in its Prevention and Relief Phases, in order to assist the civilian population in cases and areas of disaster or emergency,

At the moment Hurricane “Norma” is category 1 according to the Saffir Simpson scale based on the speed of its winds, which oscillate with a sustained intensity of 85 knots (157 kilometers per hour) with gusts of 105 knots (194 kilometers per hour) in the vicinity of the system, which made landfall. in El Pescadero, BCS at approximately 12:41 hours, and is traveling at a speed of 8 knots (14.81 kilometers per hour) towards the Northeast of the country, bound for the coasts of the state of Sinaloa.

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For the above the Mexican Navy Through the Naval Commands in the area of ​​influence of the meteor and the Naval Civil Protection Unit, they remain on alert, for which 7,403 elements, 28 ships, 99 support vehicles, 12 ambulances, six helicopters, 13 airplanes, four mobile kitchens, four water treatment plants, a tortilla maker; in addition to having concentrated in Mazatlán, Sin., 2,000 (two thousand) pantries to support the population and 16,000 (sixteen thousand) liters of bottled water.

It should be noted that the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) It is established within the facilities of the Second Naval Zone based in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, together with personnel from the National Civil Protection Coordination and authorities from the three levels of government. For this reason, the Naval Commands from La Paz, BCS., to Manzanillo, Col., were alerted to take preventive actions against the deployment of Hurricane “Norma”, closing the ports of: La Paz, BCS to navigation. ., Mazatlán, Los Cabos, Santa Rosalía and Topolobampo; Also closing the operations of the airports of La Paz and San José del Cabo in BCS and Navojoa in Sonora.

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It is important to mention that the Marina Plan is part of the National Civil Protection Program and carries out readiness work with the mobile support groups of the Mexican Navy, in coordination with authorities from the three levels of government and the private sector.

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