Semar delivers 183 thousand food items to those affected by 'Otis'

Semar delivers 183 thousand food items to those affected by
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Elements of the Secretary of the Navy-Navy of Mexico To date, they have distributed 183,441 food supplies, 28,252 basic baskets and 691,030 liters of bottled water to the population affected by the impact of the hurricane Otis in Acapulco, Guerrero, on October 24.

The agency reported that of the total number of provisions delivered, 115,475 corresponded to donations from the civilian population and 39,714 were provided by Civil Protection.

In a Semar balance, 20 days after the implementation of the Marin PlanIn its Relief Phase, it was detailed that 8,377 naval elements remain deployed, who have distributed humanitarian aid in 39 convoys, made up of 101 tractor-trailers, 15 buses for transporting personnel and 21 commands of the institution.

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Specifically, 172 tons 392 kilos of bulk groceries have been transported, 35 tons 812 kilos of toilet paper, 6,840 kilos of pet food, 475,851 cans of tuna and sardines, as well as 58 tons of supplies for mobile kitchens.

The Semar It has used five planes and six helicopters for 341 food transportation flights, 55 health brigade flights, 153 for logistical support and 28 ambulance flights.

Navy personnel maintain seven mobile kitchens and two tortilla makers installed where, from October 27 to November 12, 60,571 servings of hot food were prepared.

With seven water treatment plants, they have produced and delivered one million 026 thousand 386 liters of water to the affected population.

Navy ships have transported the Port of Acapulco 473,810 liters of diesel, 35,600 liters of jet fuel and 80,230 liters of gasoline for the civilian population and operation of the authorities.

Naval personnel have removed 321 tons of debris and eight spectaculars, as part of the cleaning tasks on 39.5 kilometers of roads.

The Navy He detailed that 310 sunken vessels have been located, of which, as of November 10, 72 of them have been recovered: 48 smaller vessels and four yachts in Acapulco; as well as 20 smaller vessels in Puerto Marqués.

With the support of three mobile medical care brigades, 3,363 medical consultations have been provided to the population affected by Otis.

There were also 4,655 healings and minor procedures, 43 surgeries, 71 hospitalizations, 258 hemodialysis sessions and 26 land transfers.

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