Selena Gomez is criticized for not having a position on the Israel-Palestine conflict

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Selena Gomez, famous singer and actress known for both her success in the entertainment industry and for his philanthropic work in various social causeshas become the center of an online controversy after express your opinion on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In an Instagram story, Gomez shared his concern for the protection of all people and expressed his sadness for the consequences of violence in the region. However, this publication generated mixed reactions and criticism from his followers and other Internet users.

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The singer and actress used her platform on Instagram to share her concern about the conflict and expressed that she wishes she could change the world, although she admitted that her publication would not have that impact. She stated that she cannot support innocent people being hurt, which sparked an immediate reaction on social media.

Many of his followers were disappointed by the lack of a forceful position in relation to the conflictexpecting him to condemn the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

One Twitter user wrote: "You are downplaying your large following and being hypocritical. If a post can't help change the world, why call yourself a philanthropist? Why post about mental health, 'Black Lives Matter', feminism and American elections?

The controversy also was compounded by Gomez's previous post in which she condemned Russia's attacks on Ukraine.. Critics highlighted what they considered a lack of consistency in his stance and suggested that there were differences in the valuation of human lives depending on geographic region. Some users argued that Gomez did not defend the vulnerable side in the Middle East conflict.

In addition, critics highlighted that Selena Gomez had worked with Palestinian director Cherien Dabis in several episodes of the series. Only Murders in the Building. Dabis advocates for a ceasefire in Palestine, and some considered it contradictory that Gomez refused to support the cause after working with someone who promotes peace in the region.

In the past, Selena Gomez had shared a message on her Instagram account in which urged to pray for Gaza and expressed concern for humanity in the midst of the conflict. However, this publication also generated controversy and criticism, as some considered it ambiguous and not sufficiently committed to one of the parties to the conflict.

The controversy surrounding the position of Selena Gomez in the conflict between Israel and Palestine reflects the pressure that celebrities often face when speaking out about political or controversial topics.

Although many of his followers expected that Gomez adopt a more defined stanceothers argue that her duty as a public figure is to be careful and considered in her approach so as not to further aggravate tension in such a delicate situation.

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