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Carlos J. Perez Garcia.

ANDHe was a student, like many at UNAM, with revolutionary aspirations. Like myself in the 1960s before Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution. And even in the 1970s with Allende in Chile and the leftist parties in Great Britain, which gave me some experiences just like the Mexican governments of Echeverría and López Portillo.

Well, it is seen that he has not changed: he has not even been updated with the evident economic and political transformations of the world. Like others, it helped me (excuse me for being in the first person… to make it reliable) that I made an effort to study a postgraduate degree, learn several languages, get to know different countries and observe how the Soviet Union ended (including the Berlin Wall) , the nations of Eastern Europe or Mao’s China. And in Mexico the tragic years of populism (1970-82…), or in Chile and Cuba their different misfortunes: the former brought Pinochet, the latter only sustained itself with foreign aid.

And you know what? Too many young people around here dedicated themselves more to the grid and cheerleading over the decades, without properly locating the economic failures, the deaths that were caused or the great political upheavals. They also didn’t want to take on the dark side of their icons, as can happen to anyone with a close family member.

As their dreams became complicated, some leaders became desperate and fell into repressive authoritarianism (Stalin, Mao, Fidel) or the foolishness of clinging to suicidal errors (Allende, Che). In turn, the successors have limited themselves to taking care of their power by harshly controlling and restricting (Maduro, Díaz-Canel, Ortega).

In a close tour that seemed electoral and populachera with so many supports and promises, worrying reaches and limits were uncovered. Mexico is not in a position to finance countries in search of regional influence and international popularity.

“The presidential speech in Havana —said this scribe on networks— only shows that for Cubans and young Mexicans that time represents distant experiences that were more beautiful, more hopeful and, be careful, very different from the current ones and our future. Today the world is another, very different!” Likewise, the hand of foolish people who like history and want to rewrite it was noticed there.

There are doubts based on the threat of not attending the next Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, if President Biden stops inviting 3 dictatorships that are not members of the OAS: Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. In view of the serious criticism of violation of human rights or restriction of freedoms in those countries, it is not clear what use an attempted coercion could have for the crucial relationship between Mexico and the United States.

Finally, the populist demagoguery (simulation that a government is dedicated to the poor) has never given good results, but they continue after power: get it and keep it, with or without democracy. The president of Mexico speaks in private of “the struggle for power”, of doing “anything” to keep it, which gives rise to further radicalization, especially against the INE by 2024! (S. García Soto, El Universal, 9/V).

Murakami has warned us: “Closing your eyes… is not going to change anything. Nothing is going to disappear simply by not seeing what is happening. In fact, things will be even worse the next time you open them” (Kafka on the shore, 2002). Hey, time doesn’t stop.

Without ideologies, the former candidate Ricardo Anaya insists that “Andrés Manuel does not understand the world” and offers him “old ideas” (of “pena ajena”). This was confirmed at the UN and with Biden in Washington… the peculiar thing here is that Ebrard failed to warn him about those risky disfigurements.

Every day the Beloved Leader looks more desperate, aggressive, radical and far from reality, but his close collaborators do not help him. And a few words from the networks are to the point: “What kind of president do we have that those around him feel they have to be praising him and groveling at his feet in the most public and constant way?” This affects everyone, yes, in addition to preventing errors from being corrected and entailing enormous costs.

Three presidential candidates from Morena compete through their commissions or flattering support for a person, as well as before criminal or electoral accusations. The worst will come they sayin the grotesque struggle to stay in power as a non-democratic authoritarian populism, which protects criminals. Let’s be ready!

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