Security and diplomacy will center the call between Biden and Putin


Diplomatic relations and security issues will focus the conversation that the presidents of the United States and Russia, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, plan to have on Thursday, according to the White House.

Both leaders will address “a series of issues, including future diplomatic meetings,” the White House National Security Council reported in a statement on Wednesday.

The conversation between Biden and Putin comes at a delicate moment in the relationship between the two countries, after the deployment of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, a move that Washington understands as a possible threat to an allied country.

The US president, at the beginning of December, already warned Putin consequences “never seen before” to Russia if it invades Ukraine. For its part, the European Union has already stated that hopes to avoid a war in Ukraine with dialogue and sanctions.

“We are ready for diplomacy and for a diplomatic solution, but we are also prepared to respond if Russia continues with the invasion of Ukraine,” a senior US government official warned on Wednesday in a call with reporters.

On the contrary, the Russian president has justified the deployment by assuring that it is Moscow who could feel threatened due to Ukraine’s desire to join NATO and the arms support that Kiev receives from time to time from Western countries.

In this sense, in view of the conversation between the two presidents, the Biden Administration “continues” in contact with its “European allies” to “consult and coordinate a common response to Russia’s military deployment,” the statement added.

“President Biden has spoken with leaders from across Europe and officials from the Biden Administration have met unilaterally with [representantes] of NATO, the European Union and the OSCE “, concludes the National Security Council.

Last week, Biden Administration officials had announced that senior US diplomats trusted him. start talks with Russia in January to address concerns about a possible invasion and ease tensions in the region.

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