Secures GN marijuana packages in transportation unit by application in

Secures GN marijuana packages in transportation unit by application in Puebla

In Puebla, members of the National Guard (GN) seized packages of apparent marijuana hidden in cardboard boxes, which were transported in a service van by application.

When carrying out inspection, security and surveillance tours on the Mexico-Puebla highway, at kilometer 106+100, elements of the institution had contact with the public transport unit.

Through audible and visible signals, national guards told the driver to come to a complete stop for having tinted windows, which warrants a violation of the Traffic Regulations.

During an interview, the driver showed an evasive attitude, so, with prior authorization, they carried out a thorough inspection.

In the review, they realized that the vehicle was carrying passengers and under the seats they located two cardboard boxes, which when opened, a strong smell of apparent marijuana was perceived.

Inside the boxes they located approximately 59 packages wrapped in aluminum foil, which contained green and dry grass, with the characteristics of marijuana, for which the driver was arrested.

The operator was read the Bill of Rights that Assist Persons in Detention, they were registered in the National Detention Registry and, together with the probable narcotics, they were made available at the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (FGR), where the type of drug and its exact weight will be accurately determined.

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