Second waste management plant in CDMX underway

Second waste management plant in CDMX underway
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He government of Mexico City inaugurated the San Juan de Aragón Solid Waste Selection Plantwhich can process up to 1,200 tons of solid waste per day.

This is the second project dedicated to waste managementand of the total tons that will be processed, 73% can be “recovered, so that only 27% goes to another destination such as landfills,” the Head of Government, Martí Batres.

In that sense, he explained that the waste management that will be carried out with this plant will leave the city savings of 146 million pesos per year.

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If we do the math, the work is practically paid for in three years,” added the Secretary of Works, Jesús Esteva. The investment in the work was 500 million pesos.

The plant has an area of ​​almost nine thousand square meters; That is, it is the largest in Latin America.

In its operation, it will receive waste from the mayorships Azcapotzalco, Iztapalapa, Cuauhtémoc, Venustiano Carranza and Benito Juárez.

It has two stabilizing bands, three urban waste separation processes, and recovery of recyclable materials.

Besides, has a production area for derived fuels of waste and another of mechanical cleaning of wet waste.

Esteva emphasized that what differentiates it from other plants is the space for additional processing to improve the quality of the compost.

The new recycling plant, whose work began in December 2022 and should have been completed last August, adds to the Azcapotzalco Transfer Station and Sorting Plant which was launched in 2021, and allows a reduction of two thousand tons of garbage daily.



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