Second eliminated was Girasol, actor Cristián de la Fuente

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In a exciting edition of "Who is the Mask", the popular television show that has captivated audiences around the world, viewers witnessed the reveal of the second eliminated of the season. On this occasion, the panel of judges was made up of the singer María José, who joined the regular judges: Martha Higareda, Carlos Rivera, Yuri and Juanpa Zurita.

The night began with the presentation of Girasol, who She left all the judges intrigued with her outfit that evoked the 70s and the hippie movement.. Girasol surprised the audience by performing a rock version of I do not ask the moona classic song by Daniela Romo.

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Clues provided included the mention of keys, which led Yuri and Juanpa Zurita to relate it to the television series The Game of Keys. While Yuri and Juanpa bet on Horacio Pancheri, María José and Martha Higareda suggested the telenovela "Fuego en la Sangre", and Carlos Rivera opted for Sebastián Ruli. However, the panel could not accurately guess who was hiding behind Sunflower.

The second participant of the night was Bombona, who captivated the audience with her performance of Olivia Rodrigo's hit, vampire. The panel's guesses included names like Alessandra Rosaldo of Opposite Senses, Ana Layevska, Karol Sevilla and Kika Edgar. Bombona's identity was kept secret, and her performance took her to the next round thanks to the selection of the panel of judges.

The third presentation was given by Los Carritos Chocones, a group made up of four characters: Black, Red, Blue and Silver. Each of them brought their own personality to the stage, and together they performed "Gasolina." The The judges' guesses included Morat, Mercury and Magneto, but no one was able to correctly guess who was behind these characters..

At this stage, the panel of judges saved a character, who turned out to be Bombonawhile the public chose to save Los Carritos Chocones. Girasol was left on the tightrope.

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Wasp, Jaguar, Cupcake and Bones: the participants of the second phase

The second stage of the night began with the presentation of Avispa. Clues provided to your identity They included a book by Virginia Woolf, her Mexican origins, and her experience in facing challenges and tasting success.. Wasp performed "Mala Hierba" and the panel's guesses included names like Vanessa Guzmán, Consuelo Duval, Thalía and others. The identity of Wasp kept secret.

Jaguar was the second participant in this stage, and provided clues that included references to lying down corridos, animals in their "jungle", a mattress and their refusal to receive it. Jaguar surprised everyone with a rock version of She dances Alone. The panel's guesses included names like Werevertumorro, Luis Hernández, Roberto Palazuelos and Ariel Miramontes. Jaguar's identity was also kept secret.

Pastelito was the third participant in this stage, and He left clues that spoke of his experience in the business, his interest in the mystical and esoteric, his taste for skulls and tacos al pastor. Pastelito performed "El Amor de mi Vida." The panel's guesses included names like Fanny Lu, Denisse Guerrero de Belanova, Paulina Goto and Ginny Hoffman. Pastelito's identity was kept secret.

The last performance of the night was in charge of Boneswho provided clues that included references to her busy life, his knowledge of intimacies, his love for tattooing and his taste for tacos al pastor. Huesos performed "La Bachata" by Manuel Turizo. The panel's guesses They included names like María Antonieta de las Nieves, Celia Lora, Jessica Segura and Yuremdriver I fall laughing. An additional clue revealed by Marisol González, co-host of the program, included a Club América shirt.

After exciting deliberation, the panel of judges made their decision. Jaguar was the first to be saved, and the public chose to save Bones. Wasp and Cupcake were left on the tightropeand the public had to decide between Sunflower and Cupcake. In the end, the public chose to save Pastelito, while Girasol was revealed as the second eliminated from the show.

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Who was the second eliminated from Who is the mask?

Sunflower It turned out to be the talented actor Cristián de la Fuente, who remained hidden behind the mask during his participation in "Who is the Mask." Despite his elimination, Cristián de la Fuente left an indelible impression on the program and in the hearts of viewers.

With each new revelation, "Who is the Mask" continues to keep the audience in suspense and promises many more surprises and thrills in the weeks to come. Viewers are eagerly waiting to discover who is behind the remaining masks and enjoy the talented and mysterious performances that the show offers.


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