Sebastian Yatra says that I would be very lucky if

Sebastián Yatra says that “I would be very lucky” if he had an affair with Aislinn Derbez

Sebastian Yatra answers if he has an affair with Aislinn Derbez.

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Rumors of an alleged romance between Aislinn Derbez Y Sebastian Yatra They emerged a few days ago, but although the actress faced the scandal assuring that they are just friends and is currently focused on enjoying her bachelorhood, now it was the Colombian singer who ended the speculation, although he clarified that, if true, he would be very lucky.

After the recent presentation at the Latin Grammy ceremony held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sebastián Yatra was approached by the press at the Mexico City airport, where he decided to answer all the questions despite feeling a little bad about it. Health.

However, the native of Medellín, Colombia, also responded to the rumors regarding his sentimental life and specifically after being involved with Eugenio Derbez’s daughter, assuring that there is no romance between them, but makes it clear that in case this was real you could feel “very lucky”.

“It’s not true, but if I did, I would be very lucky.”

Sebastian Yatra

And he did not hesitate to shower the star of ‘La Casa de las Flores’ with a shower of compliments, thus showing that there is only a great friendship between them.

She is the best, we are just friends Aislinn and I, but I really like her, she is an extraordinary girl “added the 28-year-old interpreter.

Finally, he pointed out that Aislinn Derbez deserves to be very happy with the man who comes into her life:

“Surely whoever he is or will be with will be very happy,” he said on the subject.

It should be noted that the first to clarify the rumors of a possible romance was the creator of the podcast ‘La Magia del Caos’, who during a recent meeting with the media stated that she is happy living her bachelorhood.

What romance? I’m happy single and don’t put me in boyfriends right now. I think it’s the first time I’m fully enjoying being single, that’s why I say, don’t put anyone I’m going out with to eat, he’s not a boyfriend. I decided to give myself a single year, it’s like a sabbatical year, but single,” said Derbez.

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